Multnomah Falls

How to get there, where to park, where to stay, where to eat, and must see nearby attractions during your Columbia Gorge visit.

*Covid-19 Update: View latest Multnomah Falls visiting instructions and open/close status by viewing the USDA Forest Services website. Consider booking a private tour visiting waterfalls, scenic views, Hood River and wine tasting all in one day. Its absolutely the perfect way to spend a day when visiting Portland and sarrounding metro areas.

So.... you want to visit Multnomah Falls? But before you jump in the car, you MUST read the do’s and don’ts about visiting the Columbia Gorge scenic area.
620 ft tall
The upper falls measures a whopping 620ft drop, making it the the tallest waterfall in Oregon
30 miles
Located just 30 miles east of Portland, however getting there is another challenge
2.5 million
With over 2 million visitors annually, crowds and parking could get crazy, so read our detailed guide before visiting
* Statistics based on available public figures
Fun Facts

Did you know there are 26 waterfalls near Multnomah Falls?

There is so much to see visiting the Columbia Gorge and Multnomah Falls, so make sure to check out Vista Point, Latourell Falls and make a drive to Hood River, where you can have a bite or pint featuring world class breweries and vineyards in the rapidly growing appellation of the Columbia Gorge AVA. Most visitors that have a few days here in Oregon want to explore the Willamette Valley Wine region and taste our world famous pinot noir, and check out the rugged Oregon coast. If you want to leave the planning to someone else, Book a Tour or view our list of famous vineyards, restaurants and hotels that you must visit.
Transportation Options

How to get there?

Head east on I84 and take exit 31 on your left hand side, Multnomah Falls is to the right with a tunnel underneath the freeway that leads you to the lodge and waterfall. If you want to explore other waterfalls, take exit 22 toward Corbett then Follow NE Corbett Hill Rd and Historic Columbia River Hwy. During busy season, expect the parking lots to be closed or traffic backed up severely. Tour companies have designated parking spots, making them ideal for skipping the line and the stress. Uber/Lyft is not advised as getting a ride back might not be feasible leaving you stranded.
If you are on a tight budget or without a vehicle, Columbia Gorge Express is the cheapest way to get there. The bus starts at Gateway Transit Center, which you can get there by city bus or Red Line Max train. The biggest drawbacks are that its time consuming, and your bound to the bus schedule of getting there and back. If your time is precious, I'd book a Tour and have a full experience.
Book a Tour
Book a customized tour visiting multiple waterfalls, scenic sites with a knowledgable guide. Make it a full day by venturing further east along the Columbia River to Hood River, grab a bite or a pint in this majestic city. After lunch, visit nearby vineyards before heading back, its the perfect way to spend 8 hours.

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The Great Cataclysm

The Missoula floods carved out the geology of the Columbia Gorge about 15,000 years ago from the last ice age. As a glacier melted that held back the ancient Glacial Lake Missoula, that reached a size of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario combined and reaching a depth of 2,000 ft, and as it melted and burst it sent an ocean of water down Washington and Oregon, carving out the Gorge as we know it. The sheer pressure and amount of water volume produced a 40mph water flow that travelled 430 miles to the Pacific Ocean.

More about Geology

Columbia Gorge Destinations and Activities


The Columbia River divides Oregon and Washington. The Oregon side features the most waterfalls, trailheads, viewpoints, restrooms, picnic areas and overnight camping spots. To experience most of the waterfalls and hikes you want to be on the Historic Columbia River Hwy instead of I84. If you venture east of Multnomah Falls you will pass Bonneville Dam, Cascade Locks and Hood River.

South Washington

Just past Vancouver, along HWY-14 the Gorge starts near Washougal, WA and has many amazing viewpoints, trailheads(Beacon Rock is amazing) and camping spots as you drive past small little towns along the river like Stevenson, Underwood, White Salmon and Lyle, WA. Note there are only 3 places to cross the Columbia River spanning 100 miles, Portland/Vancouver, the Bridge of the God's in Cascade Locks, Hood River and in the Dalles.

Hood River

Hood River is one of the most charming towns you will ever visit. Nestled on the banks of the Columbia River, world famous for windsurfing, with a volcano snow capped Mt. Hood in the background, at times you have to pinch yourself to remind oneself it's not a dream. Home to numerous restaurants, 5 acclaimed breweries, and 25 Vineyards nearby make this an ideal destination to pair with your Multnomah Falls experience.

Hotel's & Lodging

There are a number of ideal options deciding where to stay. Downtown Portland is by far the most popular destination with many upscale hotels to choose from. However, the Columbia Gorge also boasts many unique lodging experiences right in the heart of the landscape. Click Here to view all the Hotels and Lodging options nearby.


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